How To Get Younger Looking Eyes

How To Get Younger Looking Eyes

We all want to cheat aging. But, no matter how hard we try to ward our wrinkles away, there's always that big problem staring us down-- our aging eyes! We can dye our hair, change our lipstick and even recycle our 45th birthday, but nobody can deny that older eyes give us away! So what's to be done? Well, when it comes to winning the war on aging, our battle tactics need to come with truckloads of great skincare with makeup tricks. When both methods are cleverly combined, you’ve got a powerful solution to achieve younger looking eyes. Are you prepared to unfold your new beauty plan? Let’s get started!

Drink Water… like a camel

Never take water for granted in your anti-aging routine. Working as an organic way to nourish under eye wrinkles, it hydrates the skin to make it appear plumper and fuller. When you don't drink water, your skin is dehydrated and dry, making the under-eye area look pale and unhealthy. So, before rolling your eyes the next time your dermatologist suggests drinking water, take the advice seriously and always keep a water bottle hand. You should be continuously drinking to hydrate your body throughout the day.

As a bonus, adding lemon to your water helps your body become more alkaline, while upping your dose of vitamin C. It'll give your wrinkle fighting routine some more reinforcements to keep you looking your freshest!

Open Those Peepers with White Eye Liner

Loved by tons of makeup artists in the industry, white eye liner is the ultimate illusion for waking up the eyes. Since it creates the impression of a larger eyeball, the effect lets your eyes appear larger, more expressive and youthful. You can enhance this trick by adding an under-brighter to help further the look of lifted, firmer skin.

As the final touch, apply a coat of mascara over the top and lower lashes. You'll have a stare that warrants lots of compliments, yet little do they know, you didn't even have to go under the knife!

Snooze on Satin Pillows

Satin pillows are life-savers for your skin. With a cotton pillow case, the material is playing tug-o-war with your delicate skin, particularly if you're a side sleeper. Now, picture that movement happening every day, every time you sleep-- you can imagine the level of damage that adds up over time. Freaky, right?

On the other hand, with a satin pillow case, there's no friction being placed on your skin because it slides right off! It's just a matter of science, ladies! Nerdy? Perhaps, but it will protect your skin in the long run.

Find a Powerful Eye Cream

Are you on the hunt to find the best anti-aging cream? You're no different than the billions of other women who are scrounging for the same answers! The only difference is that you can end the search. These days, models and TV personalities alike are resorting to organic skincare solutions because they really work.

Our True Glow Eye Cream is a sophisticated anti-aging treatment, complete with vitamins and minerals to smooth and lift your under eyes. Voted among one of the best solutions online, you can finally indulge in your own little beauty weapon!

False Lashes for a Seductive Gaze

Flirty and fun, false lashes are the new lipstick when it comes to getting a younger look. Afraid they're too girly? Not to worry! If you get them done by an experienced beautician, she can give you natural effect that will make your eyes appear brighter and more glamorous.

Depending on your personal style, there are tons of different sizes and thickness of false lashes to try. If you prefer something more subtle, you can always get shorter lashes. The final results are truly remarkable—plus, nobody will even notice a few eye wrinkles. So, go ahead and show off those lashes, and show aging who's boss!


On the mission to achieve younger looking eyes, don't underestimate the power of makeup and a healthy lifestyle. When both forces are used, there's no stopping you from shedding the years off from your beautiful eyes!

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