Beauty Sleep: It's Real!

Beauty Sleep: It's Real!

Sleep isn't just for Sleeping Beauty anymore. It's all about rest, relaxation, and recharging our body for the next day ahead. While we sleep, our body and mind take a break of sorts; from a long day at work, school or with the kids. But, isn’t there more we could be doing while we sleep-- it is 8 hours, or one-third of our day after all! We may as well try to get as much as we can out of it. With a few tips, and a few key products, not only will your body and mind wake up rested, but your skin and hair too!  

Keep reading to find out just how to fight wrinkles, get that glow, and even protect your hair in just a single night’s sleep.

1. Aim for 8 hours a night

While you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin to aid in cell regeneration and repair. When you skip on sleep, your skin doesn’t get the time it needs so you often will wake up with a dull, lifeless looking complexion. Skipping sleep regularly overtime, can cause dark circles to become more prominent and skin to look more ashen. Aim for an average of 8 hours per night to keep blood flow regularly flowing to your face, and your skin glowing.

2. Sleep on silk

Changing to a silk pillowcase will help both your hair and your skin. The soft fabric is easier on your hair preventing tangles and breakage, it also easily glides over your skin preventing creasing and wrinkles. Making the switch will stop you from waking up with a bird’s nest atop your head, making your morning hair routine that much easier.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

To wake up with fresh, dewy, and healthy looking skin, moisturizer is a must. A good moisturizer at night will both hydrate the skin for a smoother texture, and contain vitamins that combat the signs of aging. Pair your moisturizer with a facial serum to treat specific skin concerns, and an eye cream to take care of more sensitive skin around the eye area. Together these products work to repair and replenish your skin overnight, leaving your more ready to wake-up and take on the day!

Our Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer and True Glow Eye Cream make the perfect pair to hydrate and nourish your skin through the night, infused with vitamins and antioxidants to tackle your anti-aging concerns. Oh and P.S. don’t forget a lip balm– our lips need love so they can give love ;)

4. Say NO to booze and salt

When you consume alcohol in excess, your body becomes dehydrated. A similar thing happens with salt. Both of these lead to waking up with the dreaded puffy-eye look, that we know we just don’t have time for. This is the result of your body overcompensating for lack of water, so fluid starts to build up around the eyes. If it’s unavoidable, late-night, and you’ve already indulged a bit too much, here’s what you do. Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated on your pillow. This will stop fluid from pooling around your eyes, and drain fluids through the night. Don’t forget to hydrate with a tall glass of water in the morning!

5. Always wash your face

Never, ever, ever skip washing your face before bed. If there’s only one thing you can manage before bed, do this! Stuck on eye makeup and foundation can gunk-up overnight causing swollen puffy eyes, not to mention the havoc pore clogging foundation can wreak on your complexion. Remove every stitch of makeup before bed to keep your skin clean, and breakouts away.

6. Strengthen lashes and brows

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, so then our brows and lashes must be the frame and curtains? So why not give them a little spruce overnight. Brush a little rosehip oil through brows and lashes before bed to help them grow longer and stronger. Rosehip oil is naturally rich in vitamins A & C which work to repair hair follicles and give us long seductive lashes and enviable brows.

7. Wear your hair up

It’s a good idea to keep your hair up while you sleep to keep natural hair oils (added products too) from messing with your clear complexion. But, be careful not to pull your hair to tight, as that can cause hair breakage especially around the hair line. A high loose ponytail is ideal to keep hair out of your face, not cause breakage, and keep your most recent style looking fresh!

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