7 Nighttime Habits to Adopt TODAY!

7 Nighttime Habits to Adopt TODAY!

Sleep is important for a host of reasons. Probably the most important thing it does for our physical health is repair and healing the heart and blood vessels. It helps the brain prepare to forge new pathways that keep you sharp and focused, and your memory strong. When it comes to skin care, nothing works better than sleep to repair and rejuvenate skin cells and tissues.  

So yeah, sleep is pretty crucial. 

But there are things you can to do help sleep kick butt and take names. 

#1 Get Rid Of The Makeup 

Yes you use those fancy little wet wipes that all the women love to get rid of your makeup, but that doesn’t get rid of everything. If you’re like me, you coat that mascara on and a quick swipe simply won’t get rid of it all. So give your face a proper but gentle wash before bed. 

Make sure your skin is completely free of makeup—including mascara and lipstick—to keep pores clean so skin and repair itself. More importantly you don’t want to wipe it off on your pillowcase and smear it back onto your skin or you’ll have a ticket for one to breakout city. 

#2 Try A Purifying Mask 

When you have a breakout you simply want to target and get rid of without giving your whole face a harsh skin treatment. This is the perfect time to spot treat with a purifying mask. You can leave it on overnight to improve the results of acne, rosacea or dark spots.  

Just rub it on the spots you need treated and let sleep and the mask do the rest. 

#3 Pull Back Your Hair 

While you probably find it more comfortable and easier to sleep with your hair down and falling around your shoulders, the truth is that it may be why you’re not getting the skincare results you want. Your hair contains dirt and oils that will absorb into your pillowcase and end up on your face. Between improper makeup removal and hair everywhere you’ll find yourself with a face full of acne. 

Braid your hair or pin it up in a bun before bed, loose but secure, so it is off your face as you sleep. 

#4 Upgrade Your Pillowcase 

You should come to bed clean and fresh every night, in every respect. That means washing your hair and not adding any extra product to it before bed. And it means a nice luxurious pillowcase. Silk is at the top of the list because it helps protect hair fibers to reduce breakage, but satin comes a close second. Of course real silk pillowcases are expensive and sateen just won’t do because it increases perspiration which can lead to acne. 

If silk or satin are off the table, use cotton or linen pillowcases but be sure that you change them every other day. 

#5 Track Your Sleep 

We use apps for everything from menstrual tracking to restaurant recommendations, not to mention games. So why not use an app to track your sleep? Not only will this help you find your sleep sweet spot—which should fall somewhere between six and eight hours—but it will ensure that you get enough sleep each night. 

When you get enough sleep each night you will reduce dark under eye circles and give your skin that healthy glow, instead of a pale complexion because your circulation has been compromise due to lack of sleep. 

#6 Keep It Moist 

For the most part humid air sucks, except when it comes to sleep. Plug in your humidifier and add a moisturizer that helps repair your skin and the effect will amaze you. Refreshed, hydrated and clearly plump skin that’s resistant to allergens and irritants. You won’t wake up with dry, wrinkled skin and your skin will be less susceptible to those types of skin problems. 

Another upside is that using this double-moisturizer technique at night you can forego daytime moisturizer altogether or at least choose a lightweight option that works well with makeup. 

#7 Go Overboard With Hand Cream 

When you think of skin and beauty care do you remember your hands? It is an important part of proper skincare not only because our hands are such a vital part of everyday life, but because hands age as much as the face and without proper care you’ll have a very young face but the hands will give you away every time. 

Slather on hand cream before bed. It should be perfume free, thick and a tad greasy to keep your hands and nails looking their best. Between excessive washing, germ exposure and air drying hands can get dry and cracked. Applying a good helping of hand cream each night will reverse the damage you do daily. 

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